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FinanceSpain.com is a news and information site, business directory, financial resource, and marketing website. Within one location you can find information and resources for financial matters related to Spain, and source experienced and qualified advisors to deal with any enquiries.
We save you time and money by providing valuable information and contact with reputable firms, there is no cost to the client or impact on product/service costs by using FinanceSpain. In many circumstances we negotiate preferable rates, saving clients' costs.  All enquiries are answered free of charge with the support of over 60 experienced and regulated firms/individuals.
Website Content
The creators/contributors to the website have knowledge, experience and qualifications in the areas of finance (UK and International), economics, and taxation. For example, one contributing editor is registered with the Spanish financial regulator the DGS and the UK Financial Services Authority. This enables the contents of the site to be as relevant as possible, and for enquiries to only be passed on to companies that fit a minimum criteria of quality, regulation, experience, and track record. The contents of the site does not constitute advice, professional advice should be sought in all cases.
Contributors to this site have also contributed to international financial publications, media such as BBC radio, and regular magazine articles. Ask for details.
If there are any aspects of finance in Spain, which are not included in this site, and you would like information on, please contact us using the form to the right.          

Who we work with
We work with a wide range of carefully selected industry specialists. The network has been built up either by personal experience of working with them, or after consultation on the services they offer to expatriates. The FinanceSpain.com portal is a no cost bridge between the overseas finance enquirer, and some of the best experienced and qualified consultants.
Privacy Policy
FinanceSpain.com does not provide financial, legal, or taxation advice in any way. The contents of this website are purely for information purposes, as a guide for expatriates in Spain. We do not endorse any products. We can, at your discretion, put you in contact with relevant third parties who we feel are fully qualified and regulated to provide the service you would expect. This enables us to provide an informative website and a means to seek professional advice.
In terms of data protection FinanceSpain.com generally only receives basic 'low level' data/information for example name, email, enquiry. This information may be passed on to a professional advisor who we feel would be able to answer the enquiry, and we believe have adequate data handling procedures/licences. This is the limit of the data use, it is not sold to third parties, or distributed in any other way. In most circumstances details are not retained. In some circumstances basic contact details maybe retained to enable future communication. In this case it is held securely in electronic encryted format in the UK. If you would like a copy of any information you feel we may hold on you, please email enquiries@financespain.com. Data is covered by the Data Protection Act, ask for our registration number details. This website is aimed at expatriates in Spain. Access to this website, is based on agreement of our data protection/privacy policy. We do not use cookies or sessions as we believe they are not secure.
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