ONE AXCESS International Investment Platform
ONE AXCESS is an online investment and trading platform, for international clients. As a Hong Kong based and regulated firm, they are in an excellent position to provide high-end facilities to both clients, and wealth managers.
Take control of your investments

ONE AXCESS was setup to empower the end investor, by building the platform on three powerful cornerstones: Security, Transparency and Innovation.

For Wealth Managers : A smart, flexible way to administer, trade and manage capital.

  1. Reduce Administration
  2. Clients pay less
  3. Work Efficiently

For the End Investor : ONE AXCESS is here to empower you. It gives you access to 10 major stock exchanges and 55,000+ mutual funds at no additional cost.

  1. Secure investments
  2. Transparent fees
  3. More control

Acordias International Fund & Trading Platform

The Acordias trading platform is a luxembourg regulated open architecture product which provides financial modelling and planning tools, and various investment structures including : Funds, Fixed Term Deposits, Currency Options, Tax Wrappers.

Key Features

  1. 1. Multi-currency account types with a variety of fee structures to provide individual client solutions.
  2. 2. Online investment portfolio and dealing of transactions (6.000 funds+)
  3. 3. Research, filtering and analysis capacity
  4. 4. Online order placement, monitoring and portfolio management / rebalancing
  5. 5. Detailed reports with annual profits and tax credit statements
  6. 6. Client Account View: 24-hour online access for the customer
  7. 7. Operational support via London based Help Desk
The platform can execute trades in fixed interest securities, and there are plans for discretionary management and full stockbroking facilities at a later date. Access to the platform is limited in Europe, but entirely unlimited in the middle and far east.
Investment platforms fall into two groups: Wrap and Fund. Both are services that enable investors to buy investments simply online – usually at a discounted rate. In many cases the investments purchased can then be held on the platform in a range of tax efficient wrappers. The investments that can be purchased via each Platform varies depending on the service provider. 
Fund Platform (aka Fund Supermarkets)
A fund supermarket is aimed at allowing an investor a wide choice of investment funds, usually with a discount to the standard fees. Most investment funds carry initial and ongoing annual fees. Initial fees can be as high as 6%, and anual fees as much as 2.5%. By using an online supermarket these costs can be greatly reduced or even removed.
Wrap Platform
A wrap platform focusses on the vehicle in which investment funds can be purchased. Typical 'wraps' include ISA's, Pensions, QROPS, Offshore & Onshore Bonds and Trusts. These wraps offer a variety of tax efficient benefits and functionality.
It is now increasingly common for an online platform to include a fund supermarket and a wrap service, so that investment funds can be purchased at a discount and placed into a tax efficient environment.
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UK Investment Platforms
Some example well established platforms in the UK, mainly designed to service UK clients. Please note these are not a recommendation, and professional advice should always be sought.