Secured Personal Loan
Personal loans in Spain are usually best arranged via your local bank or caja. However they can be a high interest rate, and not suitable for those that do no not have along track history in Spain. A secured personal loan could be the right choice for clients who have ample equity in the home, but do not want to remortgage or go down the route of equity release.
Secured personal loans, similar to those in the UK, allow for a lower interest rate and longer terms, because they are secured against an asset, namely your home. Hoever you should be aware that your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on that loan, and professional advice should be sought both financials and legally.
If you would like to find out more about personal loans in Spain, and how they could benefit you, just complete the form below and we will put you in contact with a finance consultant.
FinanceSpain act as introducers, we do not provide advice or recommendation on personal loans, and professional third party advice should always be sought to ensure it is the right decision for you.
Pros & Cons of a Secured Loans

  • Usually fast approval based on your property ownership
  • Potential lower interest rates
  • Extended period for repayment


  • You are at risk of losing your property if payments are not kept up
  • Paperwork and administration can be more complicated than unsecured

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