Investment Portfolio M.O.T
Do you have an investment portfolio ? Whether an active investor, or a novice on the financial markets, it is likely you have an investment portfolio, or will have in the future. An investment portfolio is a basket of assets which are designed to produce growth or income. Usually consisting of investment funds, stock and shares, or commodities, they are commonly found in :
  • Investment ISA's
  • Pensions
  • Savings Plans
  • Investment Bonds & Wrappers
Our investment portfolio service takes your current portfolio and compares it against :
  • Benchmark indices
  • Comparable funds in the market
  • Alternative funds in the market
  • Projected Future Returns
  • Costs & Composite Breakdown
We then produce a report based on the historical performance of your investment portfolio, and the predicted future return. We compare with other sample portfolios, industry sectors, fund managers, and indices. The aim is to give you an idea if you portfolio (investments, funds, costs, fund managers, etc.), are performing as well as they could be in order to reach your goals.
NOTE : This is not an advisory service, we use leading financial analytics software to produce reports to make you better informed. If you feel you require advice, we can put you in contact with a suitable advisor. All reports are produced by FSA regulated firms. Both Offshore an Onshore portfolios can be reviewed. There is no solicitation to purchase investments. A flat fee of £99 is charged per report, so reports are impartial and not influenced by advisor commission
Don't have an investment portfolio ?
We can produce some model portfolio’s as illustrations as to what is achievable, and has been achievable in the markets. We can also provide individual fund, sector, industry, and country reports.
Example Content
Below are some links to sample content. These are not full reports, as that will vary to each client, and is very specific. They are examples of areas that can be compared and included in any report, each report is tailored to the client, and content is your choice.
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