St Lucia, Caribbean - 5 Star Hotel
A prime development surrounded by tropical forests and palm trees and a white sandy beach within its own bay.  Views of Petit Piton, Soufriere and the Caribbean Sea. The resort development includes an international branded 5-star hotel operator.
  1. Full or Fractional Ownership
  2. 25% Below Value
  3. Due for Completion end of 2012
  4. 12% Rental return predicted after guaranteed rental expiry
  5. Guaranteed 8% return for the first 3 years of operation  
  6. No on-going costs of ownership
  7. Buy back after 5 years at 90% of the average price between two RICS valuations

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Chateau de la Cazine Spa & Golf Resort - France
Château de la Cazine is a 5 star golf and spa resort offering a wide range of facilities for all the family to enjoy. Set within a 90 hectare site with its own fishing lakes, woodlands and 2 historic châteaux.

This resort offers a superb holiday home and an investment opportunity. Château de la Cazine comprises luxury property in a stunning setting with a multitude of facilities for adults and children alike. Enjoy a game of golf on Château de la Cazine's own 18-hole course or indulge in a signature treatment at the luxurious and exclusive spa before dining at one of the resort's selection of high quality restaurants. Al situated amidst rolling green countryside in France’s Lake District

Limousin is very easily accessible from the UK with flights available direct from a number of UK airports. The town is also on the main line of the TGV (high speed train), meaning that visitors from across Europe can travel directly to the area quickly and easily. Key Investment Highlights :

  1. Full ownership from £150,000
  2. Fractional ownership from £22,000
  3. SIPP Ownership from £22,000
  4. Experience Ownership from £4,000

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Guide to SIPP property investment
A SIPP or Self Invested Pension Plan, is a scheme that allows holders to invest in a variety of assets, including commercial property. In order for a property investment to be considered 'SIPP friendly' or 'SIPP approved' it has to meet a number of strict criteria, these include :
  • Usually Below Market Value - Reduce capital risk
  • A confirmed income stream - e.g. guarenteed rent
  • Exit strategies - such as buy back schemes
For a trustee to approve a commercial property venture for inclusion in a SIPP, they usually only look at the income stream and exit strategies. If the development does not have these two key criteria, then they are likely to be turned down as a suitable investment. Any potential capital growth is not taken into account, but risk to capital value is, hence the requirement for the asset to be purchased at below market value.
These strict criteria, mean that an investor has an expert opinion as to whether the development is suitable for investment.
All property investments are available with the same Terms and Conditions whether within or without a SIPP. It is not compulsory to purchase the propeties on this page with a SIPP, but it is an option.
Property vs Alternative SIPP Investments
Investment funds and standard pension investments have had mixed performance over the past 25 years. Although commercial property is a well established investment vehicle, it is still comparatively under used as a pension asset. The chart belows gives an example of independent research on the expected potential returns on the Caribbean investment, when compared with savings and similar risk funds.
The above returns are based on a 65% occupancy rate. For more on the research behind these figures, and the options for your pension investment, email

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