Structured Property Investment
What is Structured Property Investment ?
A structured investment will usually have a defined entry and exit strategy. It is a way of getting involved with property with some form of assurances that the investment can be offloaded in the future. This can be achieved by purchasing into a property fund, or purchasing physical property that has developer guarentees behind it (e.g. guarenteed rental and buy-back)
A structured property investment can have some of the following features
  • Defined Rental Income
  • Defined Entry and Exit Strategies
  • Market Leading Research and Due Dilligence
  • Pension Approved
  • Backing of major international developers and property chains
  • Broad market spread via many properties.
As with all investments it is important that adequate due dilligence is taken, and independent advice is sought. One good rule of thumb is that if a property investment is 'SIPP approved', it has gone through rigorous due dilligence by pension administrators, this is a good sign that the investment has some potential value. SIPP approved investments do not have to be purchased via a pension wrapper.
Secure Exit Strategy
A concept that allows investors to generate returns without the usual risks associated with property investment or its associated resale. The strategy was developed to provide investment returns in flat, volatile, rising and even falling market conditions.
Residential Investment Opportunities
Our partners constantly research various real estate markets globally to find the most interesting residential investment opportunities. They ensure that thorough due diligence is performed on each opportunity by independent legal companies prior to release as a product. In many cases volume sales are used to negotiate exclusive preferred terms.
Property Related Funds
Many investors believe that property is a strong long term investment but do not want the cost and administrative overheads involved with property ownership. Fund / Syndicate investments allow investors to enjoy returns generated by real estate without the above factors and often the associated exit risks. Opportunities available for SIPP investment, and non-status purchasing.
Guaranteed Rental Investments
True guaranteed rental models allow investors to purchase a secure ongoing revenue stream and enjoy the additional benefits of capital appreciation over time.  This investment model can often provide limited personal usage while reducing the investors risk of covering financial commitments with rental income payments.
Structued Property Investment Examples
This section includes some examples of structured property investment. There are many varied types from individual properties, hotel rooms, collective schemes, and property index tracking. In general the closer you get to purchasing the physical asset the more capital is required, purchasing via an investment fund has a lower minimum capital requirement as there are many people involved in the same purchase (which can mean higher fees).
Note: The above examples are by no means a recommendation always seek professional advice
Find out more
If you would like to find out more about structured property investments in Spain, UK, or International, simply complete an enquiry below with details of what you are looking for. Investment funds and structured notes are dealt with by FSA regulated advisors, direct property investment is dealt with by experienced property specialists.

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