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There is a bewildering selection of mortgages available in the international market, all with their own costs and benefits, so you have to invest a lot of time and effort into finding a mortgage if you want to get the best one for you. Not being in Spain, and the language barrier, can make it even more difficult for many English-speakers to get a good mortgage in Spain.

For many English-speakers the best solution is to use a good mortgage broker specialising in international mortgages.

A good broker starts by helping you to define your mortgage needs - something that many banks fail to do. It is impossible to get you the mortgage that best suits you needs at the lowest cost without helping you to define and understand exactly what your mortgage needs are.
Company Overview
International Mortgage Group is a UK firm, with offices in Spain. The company owners have experience in both mortgage and financial advice in the UK and overseas, and have worked for major banks and building societies. This expertise and experience in the financial markets, results in a professional service to the level you would expect to receive at home.

IMG helps clients ascertain the most cost effective route for raising finance for buying property, remortgaging, releasing equity along with finding commercial finance solutions. Recommendations fully outlining the mortgage product and costs are provided in writing before any transaction takes place so clients can make informed decisions.

The experienced Spanish team look after clients needs throughout the application process and liaise with all relevant parties on their behalf wherever required. All members of the team are used to and pride themselves on their ability to help the client with any issues that may arise, including those relating to aspects outside the financing including legal and sales agent liaison.

Key Services :

  • Purchase
  • Remortgage
  • Equity Release
  • Consolidation
  • Further Borrowing
  • Commercial Finance
  • Spanish Mortgage Specialists
  • European & International Mortgage Finance

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Overseas and commercial mortgages are not regulated by the FSA
Our Spain & International Service
  1. 1. We help you with each and every aspect of arranging a mortgage in Spain (and overseas). We explain the documentation required, what is going on at every stage of the process, and provide you with the information you require in a language that you understand. We also give you forewarning well in advance of key deadlines.
  2. 2. We give you insight into the 'total' cost of the mortgage. This means explaining to you all the costs you will face over the lifetime of the mortgage, and how these costs might change with the overall economic environment (for example changes in inflation and interest rates).
  3. 3. Advice on the best mortgage for you given your requirements today and in the future. Advice on remortgaging your Spanish (and international) property or equity drawdowns.
  4. 4. No costs are involved unless a suitable solution is found
  5. 5. Residential and commercial international finance
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